Green PC has been a very successful and important part of Infoxchange’s history, providing literally thousands of households with affordable computers and also providing valuable work experience for many staff as a pathways program.

Green Peripherals and Components, otherwise known as GreenPC, has now developed as a successful social enterprise initiative of Infoxchange Australia that operates to service low income people on a national basis. We acknowledge the Victorian Governments Community Jobs Program which provided early funding to establish GreenPC.

The work of GreenPC forms part of our Digital Inclusion Framework that identifies affordable hardware and connectivity as critical elements of Digital Inclusion. This is important in addressing the growing inequality of access to the new information technologies among low-income and disadvantaged groups.

The objective of GreenPC is to provide upgraded and Internet-enabled computers for people on low-income communities, individuals and community organisations. The only qualification for an individual or family to have access to a Green PC computer is that they be holders of current Health Care Cards or are able to verify their low income status in some other way. Infoxchange works in partnership with WorkVentures to deliver this iniative.

If you have computers available that you would like to donate to this initiative and help reduce technology waste and give an opportunity to someone on a low income please email us and leave your name and phone number and one of our service staff will contact you.